Sunday, August 20, 2017

Iron Sky..

there is time for everything..
time for love..
time for happiness..
time for sadness..
time for loneliness..
time for freedom..
time for pain..
time for hope...

it takes time to make time..
it takes  time to realize your true potential ..
who you  are and who you should be..
what is your place in this world..
and how important you are..

it takes time to realize that pain is your teacher..
that without darkness there wouldn't be light..
that you are stronger then you think..
that life is constant change and you are never the same..
every experience changes you..
every day is unpredictable ..

your dreams can become reality and your reality can become a night mare..
you are only in control as much as you are able to let go controlling...

life is constant is a piece of a puzzle you will never finish alone..
this every day struggle..running for better life..waiting for the right time..over thinking ..fighting..hurting...
all this is just a prison of your own creation..
look through the crack, open your world..
free yourself from the chains of everyday struggle..
look beyond..
open your heart..close your mind..
enjoy the rhythm of your will show you the way..
don't be afraid to love.
to share..
to let go..
to give without receiving..
to smile for no reason..
to be be with be..

believe it or are unique and only ..there is no one like you..
and this is what makes you special and perfect ...
just the way you are is enough...
you are are part of the world and you have to know that we are all connected..
what you do matters...
 be aware of yourself ..give yourself importance ..because only then you will see how much your full acceptance of yourself is important to everyone around you..
love yourself so you can truly love others..
don't be productive..
talk..say how you feel..don't hide in shadows of your will find someone who will understand you..
but also learn..don't be's just a waste of time..
don't judge...
let go..
break the chains and maybe it won't be as beautiful as you imagined..
but you will make a difference..
you will make this world a better place...
you are powerful as anyone else..
you resonate far and without limits..

and then when you become You..
you will become me and I will become you..
then you will know..

we are many..but we are One.

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