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On a tide of misfortune...

"Attention! I’m in mortal danger..
And I’ve already warned you... She will stay here and I will go away... This child of mine... Evil people are after her... This child of mine... On a tide of misfortune... God gave me this offspring... That I brought into the world... And she will stay here... When I am gone."
translated lyrics - MONA KI NGI XICA – BONGA

You never existed ...

I fell to the bottom of the darkest waterfall.. you left me lifeless..under the moon's shadow..dying slow..
baby you don't catch me when I fall.. no butterfly kisses, no rain drops to hold, no sun rays to warm love to find, no heart to hold.. I stay awake under the nights veils that cover my poor tormented soul... fading slow breath leaves me.. you don't care anymore..what you left broken..what you left alone..
why baby never catch me when I fall.. covered by darkness..empty and torn...haunted by lost dreams.. you left me to fade like I wasn't real at all.. It's just pathetic how all hope is lost and all love is gone.. in a blink of an eye..
you never existed at all.