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Why it feels so real ?

It feels so real and then it vanishes... feelings are so fragile and tender one look can light the spark in the middle of darkness..
Life doesn't change with that one look.. even after it the heart still hurts.. tears fall.. what can this one look be... a sign? a call? or just nothing...
How crazy am I to think this has any meaning.. Days pass by and all of a sudden you become obsessed with time.. how slowly it passes, how nothing is changing... you wait.. waiting is the worst product of this look..
I know the touch, the breath on my lips, there is nothing else that can replace it.. but is this look a reason to wait.. Am I waiting for NOTHING? This is the place of no escape...even if waiting is in are trapped.. thoughts stream through my mind... Am I really alone in this? Am I Crazy ? Maybe I am..probably..maybe.. maybe there is really nothing to feel, nothing to see, nothing to love.
But, why it feels so real ?