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Dead city diaries

build me a town of neverending darkness.. where hope does not exist.. where all ends at the moment it begins..

Death Of Innocence

destroyed in this world of deceit, anger and pain lost innocence.. betrayed by selfish wishes and indulgence hidden by the lust and satisfaction.. lost innocence.. abused and killed by the unsatisfied needs of mankind ..
what are we doing.. searching for more while slowly destroying the very essence that makes us human.. that makes us different from wild beasts with no purpose and soul.. lost is our innocence.. inhuman we are.. just driven by what our lowest needs pursue .. …lost is our innocence.. …lost are we..

Sweet Pain of Desire

shattered from the silent whisper, which awoke all the hidden desires.. I hide myself from the thought that slowly burns my soul.. pail are the days when I felt that sweet pain..
I am scared.. nothing lasts and the pain of memory stays forever.. I will run.. those scars never heal.. they just leave that everlasting trace of failure..
better to be like stone.. everything crushes on that cold barrier.. nothing hurts..nothing left to heal.. empty shell is safest place to be.. hidden, safe..never broken..

..all fades..

I stand here remembering.. how it used to I was.. I weep now for my past.. for my life..I weep now in front of you.. I weep cause I failed..I weep cause I lost..
I weep cause I am not..

I fought against my life..I fought and I lost..
shattered my dreams..shattered dreams of all around me..
I was ..
so young..
all I wasted ….
all I destroyed…

here I stand next to me.. me as a as real.. me as an old as a boy... I know now only one thing…

...all fades and nothing is forever..

The Story

Thank You Dear Mother

“…thank you dear Mother… thank you for your kindness.. thank you for all you gave me.. thank you for your warm words and understanding.. thank you dear Mother.. thank you ..for being you..”
I just wish this was all true and not a dream in a nightmare that I live because of you…”


beginning of a daydream which gave air to my soul..
walking on air…
not touching the ground.. finally awaken..