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"I lift my lids and all is born again..."


....i sink to the ground, as my soul wears thin....And there’s a knife in my back,
And blood on your hands..
lyrics: Koda

It's a pain world...

Some of the chances we take, To make the money we make. Manufacturing disease The creature we can see
I'm pleased it some other day And I've got something to say You don't need love So get under the rock
Now, I have a mutated brain It is the form that's been made You got for broke With your prog rock show
Don't you know what I mean? The sick things that I've seen When you don't fall down There's a piercing sound
It was the sky that we learned That we're to spy on the bird The clouds all feel Where we don't feel real
It was implied to make a caption "It's a pain world", is her reaction We've answered why it's not been action we blow the ghosts, is this our faction
This was the movie we made And we were shooting to fate We gather dust when you said it's a must
And in the end that we shake It is the function that's fake We don't feel real You don't know how it feels
Now, we've given up a lot And we've gone right past the spot We're…

Only fools believe..

again it happened..  I felt it just days before..  I knew it will hurt.. but this time even if I was aware of the end I didn't want to cut the line..  It hurts as much as before.. the pain didn't change..
maybe now I finally had enough..  to stop believing things will be different... from happiness to sadness.. from hope to despair.. from love to pain..
history repeats itself.. just with little differences .. just to fool you into believing.. that this time it will be better.. won't...