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Bad love..

yes..we painted what touched my ignited my power to create..
it got close to my heart..
and we danced..
and then it stopped..
now it just faded away..


one word, one question, one thought...
holds so many unanswered mysteries...
we ask ourselves each day...WHY?...
why is our hope trying to save itself,
why is not giving up,
why is trying to understand,
why is all we can't let go,
why is in our heart, in our soul,
why is our existence...
why is our loss and our survival,
what we know, what we need to know.
but nothing comes to full closure..
there is always another Why..
there will always be another Why..
maybe, all will end with another Why..our life..we..
WHY will always be unanswered, unsolved, unreachable..
can we accept that ...
a world of never-ending why ..
if that is the truth of our lives..there is nothing to accept..
we are powerless and this is our destiny...
but maybe you could just..
FREE YOURSELF FROM ANOTHER "WHY" ...let it stay unasked..