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Waiting for Forgiveness ..

These seconds pass so slowly,
days are long and nights are like dark clouds covering my shadow,
I want to fly with you,
fly through these everlasting hours.

Unshaped and like a ghost I haunt you in your dreams,
but you must know,
I am … real.

I will touch every part of you,
remember your every breath,
freeze the time ,
just don’t make me disappear.

Draw all the pieces of me,
shape me into someone you can’t live without,
follow my words and the sound of my voice
and I will wait,
I promise I will wait,
for you to forgive me,

forgive me for not being next to you.


Thymournia said…
a masterpiece........ adore.....
enriqueponce said…
fascinante¡¡¡...ya sabes que adoro tu trabajo. ;-)
Kazi Mustakim said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kazi Mustakim said…
Beautiful....So damn intense...!! Love the way you feel...something special...something unknown...!!

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