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People wanna be closer to the stars..always

but what am I darlin’
do you see me?
is my breath reaching you?
are my whispers coming to your soul,
do you feel me touching you?
when all the starlight blinds you,
do you see beyond yourself darlin’?

Always behind,
I am your shoulder darlin’
but are you mine?

I see those winds shaking our existence,
we are so fragile, broken, wounded, tired..
but there is always someone behind that door
waiting for us to let go,
and’s all over.
 One pain replaced with another.

Or is this a new story?
Is hope actually our imagination,
is freedom something we dream about,
is happiness just a ghost?
How can we believe in something we didn’t see, and ignore what is in front of us?

What am I darlin’?
I wish I existed only in dreams,
maybe then I would be my true self,
maybe then I would truly be loved,
then I would be more real than I am now.

We only leave behind what we should never loose.
Haunted by happiness, freedom and hope
as they were are true Gods.
We all want to be closer to the stars…



Dulce said…
Brilliant text, as all I read from you here.
Impressive picture too.
I like your works!

=> Crazy 40 Blog
=> Pense fora da caixa
=> Tubo de Ensaio
=> Neo Literattus
=> MeNiNoSeMJuIz®
enriqueponce said…
precioso, tierno, sensible...y triste.
ya lo sabes pero lo repito: me gusta tu estilo.
Kazi Mustakim said…
Absofreakenlutely Awesome...!! The feel in your words... Always loved them....!!

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