My name is Mirela Pindjak, 40 years old, living in Zagreb, Croatia.  

  • exhibition on 3rd photo Biennale of Fashion Photography in VaraĹždin, Croatia
  • online exhibition on Fotosofia (Croatian Photography Website)
  • two group exhibitions in Iran which were organized by Focoart, Iranian photography site where I am also supervisor (Teheran, Urumia).
  • a group exhibition organized by Red Cross Croatia on the topic of Human Trafficking, Zagreb, Croatia
  • group exhibition "The Life Before Us" which was shown in 3 galleries (Mazandaran, Tehran) in Iran and in one Art School (Mazandaran)
  • photos published in couple of online magazines (Fotoblur, Fotosanat (Turkish), DigitalPhoto (Croatian)), Part Magazine (Colombia), Musethouch magazine ) 

“floating in our rivers of solitude..
shattered by the rocks and cold waters..
only silhouettes on the mirrored lakes…
nothing but misted ghosts..
we are invisible ..
shadows we are..
nothing but invisible breeze.. touching those dead trees around..
feeling the dry leafs falling on our faded faces..
we become essence of nothingness…
only breath on a frozen mirrors ..
forgotten and never remembered..”

- Mirela Pindjak


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