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The story of my town...

Secret ghosts. Wounded souls. Lost children of this world,
join me in my town .

I am walking on the streets of remembrance ..
smelling lost dreams and hopes..
capturing your lost emotions..quietly..
it’s peaceful soul feels light..
stones of pain disappeared..
my town is a sanctuary .

I see some shadows gazing through, trying to stay..
but they are lost forever..
all they leave behind is mist..floating just above my beautiful streets..
creating wonderful rivers that vanish in seconds..

I think I am alone..but still there is no felling of loneliness..or pain..
I feel relief..there is no pain in my town..I am safe here...
so come..
join me in my town ...

town of neverending darkness..
where hope does not exist..
where all ends at the moment it begins..


Thymournia said…
............amazing poetic one..
Kazi Mustakim said…
where hope does not exist..
where all ends at the moment it begins..

So much despair but so damn poetic...!! Great....You are amazing

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