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Following the roads of love...

Like a passenger,
always defeated and left behind,
imprisoned by the pain hidden inside of me,
with the heart covered in scars of unfulfilled promises, untold secrets,
lost and incomplete..
I was following these darkened roads of love.

The roads were endless,
I feared these roads without borders, without ending,
dark, unknown and covered with footsteps of lost hopes.
One day, the roads stopped.

I was left standing on the edge of the world,
brokenhearted looking at oceans, horizons, untouched shores,
wishing for sun to come my way to lay it’s flares on my soul.
Waiting was long, seemed pointless, meaningless,
something woke me up,
a touch, a dream of warm lips on mine,
soft hands covering my body,
kind voice whispering to my ears,
beautiful melody,
my heart started shivering,
I felt you…you… who ever you are, my dream, my poem, my voice, my word…

at that moment I knew..

I will follow the shadows you leave behind,
fly the oceans that surround you,
kiss the trees that protect you
feed the birds fallen from the skies to taste your tears and
follow you through the worlds.

You will wash my sorrows away
I will feel the love that led me to you,
find you and rest in your heart.
Because I know,
you are my soul and you are my pain,
and my heart won’t rest
until you take my pain away.


Thymournia said…
Unknown said…
Beautiful as always... love the moods that you create.
Kazi Mustakim said…
Just like old times...
I always admired your way of thinking and the illustration of your thoughts....and still every time I read you I feel amazed...!!
Keep composing...!!
Isa Lisboa said…
Both beautifull, the picture and the poem!

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