Friday, May 26, 2017

All is in the mist..

so quiet and apart..
standing alone covered by the mist of a morning..
years go goes in a never-ending ride on a roller-coaster... 
numbness takes over..
you don't want to feel pain so you cover yourself with life without feelings..

like a mist..all is in the same tone and your past is somewhere behind, covered, faded, blurred..
you wonder..maybe that pain was better..made you feel alive..gave you little heart bits..

maybe not..

but what now..
all is in the same tone..
all is just covering your present with the soft neutral tones ...
fear takes over..and you are in the middle..
afraid to look back..afraid to step forward...
trapped in the abyss of nothingness..
with not clear view of horizon..

you can't ignore that feeling inside..
you know you survived..
you know the pain is almost all gone..
you know that now you need someone to share your victory with..

but ..all is in the same tone..
all is in the mist..
and you don't see the horizon..
you are lost.

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