Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why we hurt in silence and die so loud...

if only I could see you for a moment..
I wish I had a chance to say goodbye...
you were in my thoughts ..
I didn't know those were your last days..
but I was thinking of you..

I know you were dying inside...
but why didn't you wait..
through all the pain I wish I helped you
but now you are gone...

all I have is one photo of you..
you are smiling..I am so grateful for that..
my heart hurts but I will always remember you..with a smile..

we shared a one knows how much..
you were more than a friend..
and that much more it hurts knowing I will never see you again..

why I couldn't say goodbye?
others decided for me..
others were in control..I never got a chance to talk to you one last time...

I am crying for you know..
because I miss you..
you were always in my thoughts..
my dear forever lost..
this is for you..
you will be remembered ..

why we hurt in silence and die so loud...

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