Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's a heavy burden..

it's a heavy  burden..
I don't know how long I can bear..
weighted on me like a stone..
crushing my bones slowly, painfully
it's not the me..
when you open your soul and all you get is fear..
when you give your heart and there is no heart near..
what is left there..scars are covering ghosts that pass my way..
they know nothing of love..they know nothing of forgiveness..
scared of their own shadows and blinded by their rules ..
rules that build walls ..the highest walls no one can climb..
I crash on them like waves crash on some distant shores ...
how can I walk with an open heart..with an open soul..when my cries echo in the emptiness..
no one will be there to pick up the pieces..

I will sand..blown away by the winds of the fall..

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