Friday, October 9, 2015


I stood there like a ghost
I was hidden among all those faces ..looking..listening..
Sounds were surrounding me and everything was lost..
There was just space ..
nothing in between you and darkness..
thoughts were still..heart was just beating following the sounds..

Why can’t I speak?
Could my voice be heard?
Am I just an observer?

I was nothing..but I felt everything..
I wished for more but I wasn’t more..
Hypnotized but frozen..
Feeling overwhelmed but sad..
Knowing that nothing will happen..

But suddenly…You see yourself in movement..
Coming closer..
Standing in front of your dream..
You see it come true..
Your heart is beating harder..faster..stronger..
You believe that you will change your destiny..
You will make it will not be a ghost..
Now you will reach out..put your hand in front of you..and wait..
It can’t be for nothing..feeling is so strong..this melody is calling you..
Like an invisible hand inviting you..
“Come..closer..come to me..closer..
Touch me..feel me..”

In that moment..
Music stops..
I was walking alone in the rain ….
Remembering the dream..
I was awake..
Crying for the world..
Crying for the lost dream..
Now the heart was bleeding..
Reminding me how..
Nothing is real..

but pain always is.

…Dreams …

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