Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breathing lifeless...

Left behind as a memory
Leaving just vague traces of what I used to be..
I am trying to remember what was it like before..
Who was I..
They saw me with a smile..they remembered me with a smile
Am I different now..

All the smiles where illusion..
I see that now..When it’s hard to smile..
when all the dreams are faded..
When everything lasts just for a moment..
a moment of a memory that is now just a glimpse of how it was..

alone..just breathing ..that’s how it feels..
everything is a struggle..from waking up to living through the day..
even sleep is frightening..
I want to sit endlessly watching the rain fall..

I am just breathing lifeless..
I am just existing..
I am just a still frame and a ghost ..sitting ..not moving..
Just waiting..

Another collaboration with Ash Norouzi :)
Photo by Ash Norouzi
Edit: me 

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