Sunday, January 25, 2015


Space between complete silence and tasteless loneliness…
I want to cry every morning I open my eyes and there is no one around..
I want to cry when I wake up next to someone..
Every morning I feel pain inside..
I feel alone even when someone’s around..
It became like a mist that falls on me every time I open my eyes..
It covers my face …I feel it’s weight on me… in me..
Will it always be like this?
I miss someone..I miss something..
I don’t know who and I don’t know what..

There were times when I felt complete …I felt complete in someone’s arms..
I felt like I am hidden from everyone, safe.. that I can’t be harmed …
I was peaceful and calm..I was happy.. I guess !?
I don’t know anymore..

These can anyone relate to my words..
We all feel something different…
Every word we read has a different meaning for us …
It sounds the same..but feels so different..
So..happy..was I?
If I say ...”I was happy in his arms.”
What do you feel?
I wish to enter every thought..
Just to find all the meanings of all the words..
“Be simple” they say…
But “simple” is the hardest state to reach..
Simple can be stupid..
Simple can be smart..
Simple can be beautiful..
Simple can be ugly..
Simple can be someone’s nightmare..
Simple can be someone’s salvation..

Nothing is simple in the end.


That space between silence and …I guess.. lonliness..
Special mornings..when you write something simply to feel simple..


not alone..

Good morning! 

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