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Happy New 2015!

I fell in love with a fiction…
betrayed myself with dreams,
clouded my mind with visions
that will never be real..

time passes with such slowness..
days are long, become longer..
I feel how tears fall down my face..
I feel the salty taste of my untrue love..

love that will never exist,
love that filled up my heart,
love that only I felt,
love that took my breath away
love that made me live through everlasting insomnia of my empty life..


Thank you all for following and supporting me through this year..
Wish you all real love..the one that is not an illusion, happiness and most of all that your life becomes fulfillment of your free and don’t wait ends or beginnings of years to change or to be who you really are <3

Happy New 2015!
Hopefully it will inspire us like all the years before :)


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