Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All came to the beginning ..

All came to the beginning ..
Closed the circle of eternity ..
Circle of life’s boringness ..routine..fear..
Nothing changed ..nothing ever changes..
This undying truth is slowly killing me ..
I see the world as an empty place..
Nothing seems alive one seems alive..
I see people on the streets,
I  pass next to them wondering how much they suffer and never say the truth..

Is pain such a sin that we cannot show it..
Isn’t it real as all we see around us..
Or are we are just actors in this neverending  play called LIFE.

We fake our existence as if it will last forever.
Don’t we cry…
don’t we feel the pain that comes from miles away..
those shouts from within our closed imprisoned mind.

Cowards we are.
We shall fake happiness as if that will be the only real truth of our miserable lives.
We are trying to make sense of the world and make ourselves immortal…
Leave our trace, our sign, to be special …
but we are fragile..
Like the finest Venetian glass..
So beautiful, so unique but still so easy to crush into millions of tiny little pieces,
So easy to be turned into..dust.

Love.. the one we dream about..
Never happens.
We see it, we read about it..
But this mysterious ghost somehow always escapes in the end..
Leaving us empty, broken and ..alone.

Shadows we are..invisible..
Just reflections on the rivers of our…


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Thymournia said...

love the last series......