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Don't lie to me...

why people lie.....?'s makes a life, a little more interesting...
but altogether ..too painful..

is truth so hard to say..? 
is it like a poem with no soul..
like a bird with no wings..
is truth ugly...?
is that why people lie?

is the sun we see in all its beauty a lie..
is the sea wild and untamed a lie..
is the feeling in your heart a lie..
isn't it all so genuinely beautiful and fulfilling..
why are these lies so necessary.. ?
why they exist ...?

how can we ever know the other person if they don't show their true self...
why is all that is untouched and free in its natural beauty the most beautiful thing we see and feel...and still we have to lie when we describe ourselves..
aren't we also part of this nature..
or are we just invented creatures walking like shadows around trying to paint our own beauty..

what are we ..what are YOU?
are you brave enough to show yourself to me....
is anyone?

there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person without all the masks..
nothing more overwhelming then feeling someone’s soul touching yours...and nothing more ecstatic then feeling a connection with someone that is based on truth ...beautiful and free. 
That can project such vision that will put the sun and sea into shame.


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