Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark beautiful sorrow..

rain is falling..

small drops are covering my silence…
I feel them slowly falling down my face..
I feel the sorrow that follows them..
they stop shortly on my lips..
I can taste the bitterness of this night..
covering my thoughts like a dark fog..

night is so beautiful..

 drops are falling on my hand..
I feel the touch I felt once..
it’s’s painful…
all the memory is frozen in those drops..

oh..night is so beautiful.. dark clouds are hiding the moon..

I see the drop on the floor..
it’s shining from the light in my room..
looks like a mirror..
I see my tears in these drops..
oceans are in them..rivers..lakes..
I will climb the mountain to see this beauty..

 night is so beautiful..
dark beautiful sorrow..

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