Sunday, September 15, 2013

Human Trafficking - Please SHARE!

This series of photographs is inspired by the tragic destinies of women who are victims of human trafficking. Some statistics say there are more than 20 million girls enslaved all over the world which I believe is not the real number and that there are a lot more. This number actually means nothing..if just ONE person, women, child or any human goes through hell like this it’s enough to shout about it and try to stop it in any way we can.

Those invisible humans are hidden from our everyday lives and treated as though they are property. I feel deeply disturbed by that fact and I had a need to show this truth through my photographs. I know it doesn’t change anything but maybe it will at least make people question their values, remind the once that lost them that these girls are our sisters, daughters, friends, someone we know or used to know..THE GIRL IN A PHOTO COULD BE we should all ask ourselves what is this world we live in, open our eyes and don’t look away, because if we ever come to a situation in which we witness something like that we have a responsibility to help in any way we can. There are no words to describe what this kind of abuse does to these victims, it’s all so beyond what we can imagine and that is also why it’s so frightening and goes beyond our comprehension.
I am posting some links here and I would appreciate if you could do the same. Let’s be at least informed on what we can do in these situations, not to lose a chance to maybe save someone’s life.
Please put any link under the photos or albums that is related to this topic and could help with spreading information and awareness.



These photos are fictional and people in the photos are models not victims of human trafficking.

Models: Mia Petranović & Antonija Potočki
MUA: Mia Petranović
Styling: Antonija Potočki, Mia Petranović & Tomislav Kliskinić
Photo and Concept: Mirela Pinđak (Mirpi Photography) 

      Photo edit by : Ehab Al-jabi Photography


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es digno de admiración que utilices tu creatividad en proyectos solidarios. la discriminación y abusos de las mujeres (y de nadie) son indignos para cualquiera que se denomine "ser humano". recibe mi apoyo más sincero en tu denuncia.