Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Once you asked me what I feel..
and I explained..
all I feel is pain..

   Once you asked me what I am afraid of..
 and I described ..
all I fear is life..

Once you asked me to forget my past..
and I told you..
all I remember are my tears..

Once you asked me to say goodbye..
that was something I couldn't do..

how can I say goodbye..
when all I want to say is..

hold me...

hold me...

hold me..
never let me 

Once you asked me to say goodbye..
all I said was..
    hold me and never let me go.


Kazi Mustakim said...

It truly is beautiful...I can see the longing and pain walking together side by side...!! LOVE it dear...

enrique ponce said...

los sentimientos son el lugar perfecto para fotografiar, y el más difícil. por eso admiro tanto tu obra.
espero que tu búsqueda sea siempre compensada con...abrazos...

Isa Lisboa said...

Always very intense photos! Loved them :)