Monday, June 3, 2013


I hear these silent whispers..
waking me up in the night..
warm touch on my skin..warm breath on my neck..
silent whispers…silent words.. quiet sounds..
slowly sliding down my body..
breathe…they say..breathe…
I hear these silent whispers..
I hear them saying..
“breathe or this will be your final breath”..
I feel these silent whispers on my skin..
I just don’t know if I remember how to

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yes, I'm a juggling of unpredictability, a whisper in reality, the subtle quick thinking in motion. But beware, approach calmly, first know the area, but do not try to find me, you will not get my engine is insane, common, fantastic! But wait, you do not know me, do not try to fool me because I already was when you came. I am boundless, excessive crazy! No limits also in dreams, flight distance, I can go much further, I´ll have an island to be someone. I appreciate the little things and if you enjoy treasure, is not so easy to have my value, but be careful, do not destroy, create one for each person, I try to paste, but the risks and failures will continue. I want to be free, liberated, daring! Can all who strengthens me if you want and I add, if not, discard. I'm not perfect, nor do I want: live life every day as if it were the last day! That's me, nor experienced but hungry for evolution, but a common mind with soul in the heart.