Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fall

they came like shadows..entering with silent footsteps..
dragging their lifeless bodies ..
silent streets were shivering under them
no one was there to witness the great fall..
smells of death and destruction were everywhere covering the beauty that once was..
those ghosts came..
they were walking pointlessly through the streets trying to find someone who survived..
but no one was there..
no one survived.
we were all gone..

I am writing now with my last breath, someone has to know what happened..
we were weak..we were nothing..we were mortal..
I feel the life going from me..I am hidden and afraid they will find me..
I hear them coming ..just their heavy breathing and sound of their feet dragging on that dead street..

they are walking towards me…slowly .. like it doesn’t matter..they knew I can’t run away..
they knew I can’t escape..they knew I am dead..
it was me ..I didn’t realize that..I was running to hide..
like a trapped there is a place to hide..
but there is nothing..
not even a reason to survive..
all I know is gone now..
all I loved is dead..

I hope you will find this..
you ..

the last witness of our failure..


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ricak setiawan said...

oh my very amazing mirela....really really great deep for me