Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daughter of the Moon

there she was..that daughter of the Moon...wondering ..
why and how she got lost in this world..

in strange pain that she didn't know existed..
she met him once..
that son of the Sun..

shining so bright that she got blind..
she never saw things the same way..
that daughter of the Moon..

waiting for the day..or night ..
when the bright son of the Sun will shine on her again..

she felt his pain..but could not see him..
she is the Moon's daughter..and he is the Sun's son..
they can never meet..she knew..


there is one moment in time..when..
daughter of the Moon..and son of the Sun..
can shine together as One..

she still waits in her pain and sorrow her unhappy son of the Sun... 
knowing that once they will shine..
together as One..


Thymournia said...

amazing atmosphere.....

Kazi Mustakim said...

Love your words...always close to reality. Or perhaps reality itself appears in your work... Great work...Keep Posting