Wednesday, October 14, 2015


lyrics and music : Khebez Dawle


You're still alive, drinking water
and the shell that is missing you says:
"I'll leave him alone, he's still alive!"

In spite of all the ugly conditions,
and this life that's full of struggling,
you're still alive!

In spite of the universal conspiracy,
and all the sectarian agenda,
you're still alive!

You're still alive under the siege,
trying to understand what just happened;
you've expressed yourself, you've loved,
you've grown.. you've put your wealth into a home, and now there's nothing you can call your own.. But hey, you're still alive!

You ask yourself how?!
And who would remember me?
when I leave this world.
Don't worry, there are 23 millions other than you..
just ready to take off.

Now is it possible that you're still alive?!
And in spite of all the deaths; alive.

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